Delighted to announce that a short story of mine, Metawife, is featured in this collection from Immanion Press, alongside many others by some really great writers, both well known and not-so-well-known. If you love weird or twisted tales, buy a copy, if you have a friend who does, buy two. If you’re a fan of any of these authors (come on, there must be some Tanith Lee fans on my friends list) buy one. If you’re my mate, buy one; if you hate me, buy one – just so you can rip my writing to bits. Really, you’ve no excuse not to …

‘Dark in the Day’, a collection of weird fiction will be available from September 9th.
In the blink of an eye, around the corner, The Weird is everywhere. It’s in the bird that turns out to be a fluttering newspaper, that white shoe left in a ploughed field, or the curdling smoke on the windscreen of a car, caused by the fast-moving reflection of clouds overhead. Normal is often weird and vice-versa. We’re used to weird dreams but what about the wide-awake weird? This collection celebrates evocative tales of oddness that span the genres of magic realism, the supernatural, the fantastical and the speculative.
Weirdness lurks beyond the margins of the mundane, emerging to dismantle our assumptions of reality. When we encounter strange intervals, our perception of the natural order is challenged and changed. It is perhaps in those moments, that we glimpse the hidden truth of all things.
Dark in the Day is an anthology of weird fiction, penned by established writers and also those new to the genre – the latter being authors who are, or were, students of Creative Writing at Staffordshire University, where editor Storm Constantine occasionally delivers guest lectures. Her co-editor, Paul Houghton, is the senior lecturer in Creative Writing at the university.
Contributors include: Martina Bellovičová, J. E. Bryant, Glynis Charlton, Danielle Collard, Storm Constantine, Louise Coquio, Elizabeth Counihan, Krishan Coupland, Elizabeth Davidson, Siân Davies, Jack Fabian, Paul Finch, Rosie Garland, Rhys Hughes, Kerry Fender, Andrew Hook, Paul Houghton, Tanith Lee, Lisa Mansell, Kate Moore, Tim Pratt, Nicholas Royle, Michael Marshall Smith, Paula Wakefield, Ian Whates and Liz Williams.
Catalogue number: IP0126

ISBN: 978-1-907737-74-9

316 Pages, 11 b/w illustrations

Price: £11.99, $18.99, €16.50